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Turning Bad-Debt into Profits Kept.

Romano & Associates, a licensed and bonded collection agency, was formed as a Limited Liability Company in the state of Illinois.  The firm specializes in commercial accounts-receivable management and recovery, and offers businesses a consultation visit to focus on that company’s current procedures and future goals.  After this initial meeting, the company is given a professional recommendation on the specific areas where money is being lost and how the business can instead learn to save money.  Our services will be customized to fit the exact needs of the customer, whether it be a Collections, Consulting, or Training Program.

We are in the business of turning our clients' bad-debts into profits kept.  If you have written off accounts due to bad debt within the past two years, forward our office a sample and we will produce results.  Even if another collection agency has already returned them as uncollectible, we will work them as second-placement accounts.  You have nothing to lose and only a business partner to gain.  Romano & Associates is committed to building a long-term alliance that is mutually beneficial for both companies.

Dino R. Romano, President and Founder, started this company with a commitment to improving client satisfaction by first improving upon his own strategies.  The consultation service was developed so that each client’s specific needs and objectives would be understood before he began customizing a specific product for the business that would provide the most effective and positive results.

Romano & Associates, LLC strictly adheres to all state and national debt collection laws and practices, including the Fair Debt Collections & Practices Act (FDCPA). Romano & Associates, LLC will only employ a collection professional that is dedicated to abiding by these same ethical and legal guidelines. Romano & Associates, LLC will only contract its services to businesses that follow the legal guidelines set forth within their specific industry. Good business flows from good businesses.




Within a week's time, your team was able to make progress and collect on accounts that we thought were impossible.  You guys are amazing!"
- Linda, East Dundee, IL

"You are great....  We could have used you in the past.  Thanks."
- Sue, Naperville, IL

" I like to have more than one agency I can turn to and with the fast turnaround with this last issue, I will use you guys in the future."
- Damon, Carol Stream, IL

"You collected the full amount of money owed to us. I am not sure how you did it, but the results were amazing. I have recommended your company to several of my business colleagues for their use, mentioning to them your ease of use and results. Thanks again."
- Mike, Naperville, IL

"Thank you for your professional and thorough handling of the matter.  I was very impressed with how professional Dino was in handling our claims!"
- Andrea, Naperville, IL

"Dino, you never cease to amaze me about your promptness and thoroughness.  Well appreciated."
- Rich, Naperville, IL

"Speaking of free advice, you certainly have gone above and beyond in providing it to me.  Thanks, Dino...  you're a class act."
- Brad , Aurora, IL

The above are excerpts from just a few of the testimonials we've received from our clients.  A copy of the actual testimonial may be requested by contacting us.

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